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“The Greatest Perk in Search for The Best Curriculum In Hyderabad lies in the Enquiry Session!”


We always seek highly motivated students who welcome a challenging and stimulating academic environment and desire a dynamic and nurturing learning community.

At Johnson BDP, we foster a dynamic campus atmosphere that nurtures both the personal and academic development of our students. Through our challenging IB Curriculum, we empower students with aptitude, compassion, and skills to excel in their chosen fields. Our school takes utmost care in providing individualized support, assisting students in pursuing rewarding careers while maintaining a focus on their welfare.

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“A Well-organized Institute sets up the Benchmark for your Child’s Success.”

Enquiry Form

Kindly visit our campus with your ward’s grade 8 & 9 Academic Records.
We urge you to visit our campus to experience our amenities and offerings first-hand. Our admissions team will guide you through the Admissions Process.


The admission process will be made easy for you starting with the registration form to avoid any inconvenience.

Documents required :
- Ongoing Grade 10 Academic Records
- Passport Sized Photograph
- Registration Fee of Rs. 2000/-

Entrance Test

An entrance test will be taken.
- Organized to assess your ward's logical skills and writing skills.
- The examination criteria ask for English and Mathematics papers.


Documents required :
- 10th Grade Memorandum,
- Transfer & Bonafide Certificate [School Leaving Certificate] ,
- Aadhar Copy,
- Birth Certificate Copy,
- Passport-size Photograph

Annual Tuition Fees:
Grade 11 (2024-25): Rs. 4,20,000/-
Grade 12 (2025-26): Rs. 4,00,000/-

“A Well-organized Institute sets up the Benchmark for your Child’s Success.”

Note: The yearly fee does not include IBDP Board Exam Fee, Uniforms, Transport, Laptop Field Trips and Tours, and Any Medical Expenses.

We welcome you to contact us and know more about Johnson IB! You can write to us by sending an email to Or call us on 8297131222

-IB Admission Officer


Priyanka B
Northeastern University. Boston Masters in Business Analytics, Boston

"The two year exciting journey with Johnson IB family has helped me transform into an independent human being which is a very important attribute needed for a student entering the university. The CAS, TOK and practical EE work which are the core components of IB curriculum helped me a lot to acquire the ten IB learner profiles. During this period, I gained all the skills required to think analytically and conduct research. Doing lots and lots of research work just at the age of 17 is a very satisfying work. The school not only concentrated on academics but also on other activities like social service, awareness programs, celebrating festivals etc. This empathetic learning system interests all the students to enjoy their learning process. On an ending note I only say that the reason of what I am today in the university is "JIB"."