Life at Johnson Grammar School IBDP | Johnson IBDP

The campus is lively with a buzz of amusement and gusto in every corner providing an encouraging, positive and international ethos for the development of a student. We strive to work and be motivated to provide these beliefs each and every single day.

At Johnson IBDP, our objective is to foster each student with the required aptitude, compassion, principles and skills that will enable them to identify their interests and maximize their strengths.

Students at Johnson IBDP can gain the knowledge of enhancing their career and life prospects through a range of academic and non-academic activities such as interactive classroom activities, cultural exchange programmes, service activities and research- oriented learning.

The IB Curriculum is rigorous, stimulating and demanding which requires a continuing positive commitment from each and every individual. All students get one to one attention and required help for a successful transition. Teachers at Johnson IBDP diligently and meticulously help, support and guide the students all through their two years until their course completes and are placed in suitable career paths.

As a part of our quality policy, we recognise and interpret our responsibility for the safeguarding and well-being of our staff and students by regular monitoring for maintaining a learning environment.


Srujana V
Flame University
B.Sc Mathematics

" I found some amazing friends with whom I shared incredible memories, and of course, not to forget the essential life skills. All in all, the two years were a great experience which I'd live through all over again, had I a choice. "