Certainly, every other person would be in two minds to choose between a regular school and a school that’s affiliated with the IB curriculum.

Education in an IB school is definitely unique because of its high educational standards that encourage not only academic growth but also personal growth.

This new-age learning strategy serves the purpose of providing all the necessary skills for a student to survive in this fast-paced world.

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Components of Conventional Learning

The conventional mode of learning is not very student-centric. Simply put, the students just read whatever material has been given to them and sit for their exams.

Although the conventional mode of learning has been implemented since its inception, there is a lot more to education than just exams.

There are several challenges one encounters in conventional learning, including minimal to no practical implementation and disinterest in learning among students.

Why Did The Need for A Different Mode of Learning Arise ?

There is no perfect way of learning. Each child or student has a very different approach towards learning and how they grasp what has been taught in their classrooms.

This was understood at a much later point of time and teachers then started adding a lot of distinctive elements to their teaching methods like reciprocal teaching, teaching strategies that ignite curiosity in students, gamification and a lot more.

The IB Advantage- Why Does an IB School Stand Out?

In comparison with schools offering the basic curriculum, there are a lot of unique factors that distinguish an IB school from others.

1. Promotes Personal Development

Emphasising that learning is more than just reading the textbook, students studying in IB are more aware socially.

IB learning ensures a perfect balance between studies and extracurricular activities that helps students evolve and assess their strengths.

2. Encourages Students to be Individualistic

A lot of students are usually restricted from exploring new things. IB schools let their students bloom under the guidance of well-experienced teachers.

This lets students keep their creative flow going strong whilst figuring out their interests and passions.

3. Globally Recognized Curriculum

IB curriculum is not restricted to a state or a country. The curriculum is standardized globally which is very advantageous for students who come from families that keep moving to different countries.

If you compare this with curriculums specific to any state or country, the global reach is very minimum.

4. University Preparation

Since IB is an internationally recognized curriculum, another major advantage here is that students are well-trained and are more informed about university admissions.

Students learn to incorporate better study habits and learn how to manage their time. Apart from these, students develop a lot more skills that enable them to take charge of their learning.

Why Choose an IB School?

There is an endless array of opportunities for students in an IB school. Students studying in an IB school enjoy a high level of respect and recognition among the world's top colleges and universities.
- It gets much easier for students to attempt entrance exams not only for foreign universities but premier Indian colleges too.
- A properly curated curriculum that exposes IB students to a unique combination of students that is not available elsewhere.
- Hands-on learning by practically implementing what has been taught.

To Conclude,

It becomes very crucial for students to choose the right school and course because that is what lays the foundation for their higher education.

Starting from personal development, university admissions, being individualistic and a lot more, the benefits of studying in an IB school are endless.

The unique framework of the IB curriculum gives an extra edge that stays with the students throughout their lives.

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