If we ask you about which educational streams exist in schools currently, the expected responses would be CBSE, SSC and ICSE. These streams are well-known among the Indian crowd.

Well, there is one particular stream that not many people are aware of. Let us introduce you to the International Baccalaureate stream, also known as the IB programme, or IBDP Programme.

What is International Baccalaureate (IB Programme)?

The IB Programme is an internationally recognized framework of curriculum that emphasises on learning beyond the conventional mode of education.

IB initially started out as an international organization with a goal to tackle the lack of flexibility in learning that was witnessed in several schools.

Since its inception in the year 1968, the recognition of the IB Programme has been widespread in over 140 countries worldwide.

How IB is Slowly Becoming a Preferred Stream?

We have been conditioned to believe that reading your textbook and sitting for your exams is sufficient enough.

The IB and IBDP Programmes are curated to challenge this thought among people and to show that learning is more than just an abstract terminology.

It does not restrict one to just reading the textbook. IB in turn challenges you to look beyond what is already been taught and pushes you to be the very best version of yourself.

Furthermore, the growing demand for new-age skills in an individual is essential for standing out among huge masses of people.

Will an IB Diploma Help You In The Future?

One does not gain knowledge by simply passing exams. There are skills and knowledge that need to be included in one’s arsenal to tackle any problem life throws at one.

The skills that are taught in an IB programme hone students and help them develop an open mind towards learning. IB prepares students to be learners for life.

Students also have a higher chance of gaining admission into some of the top universities in the world, as the skills being taught in an IB Programme separate them from the usual crowd.

Simply put, having an IB Diploma will not only help students in the future but is essential for their future.

How IBDP Benefits a Student’s Future?

1. Intellectuality

In this fast-paced world, an IB Diploma lays the foundation for intellectual excellence in a student, which is not only beneficial for university admissions, but also for their own personal development.

2. Research-Oriented Mindset

The IB Programme’s coursework consists of research projects that broaden students’ horizons within a particular field or subject.

3. Independent Learning

IB indulges in promoting self-learning among students. When students learn something by themselves, the impact with which they learn is remarkable.

4. Cultural Awareness

An IB Programme is inclusive of a second language apart from English that enables students to learn about other cultures.

5. Advanced Problem Solving

Among the most needed skills that every student must master, you can be rest assured that in an IB classroom, every student is taught how to approach a problem and solve it with ease.

To Sum Up,

We would like you to assimilate IB and see that it has great potential that is driven by the motive to excel, with its diverse and challenging curriculum.

The entire team of Johnson Grammar IBDP works on this very motive and nurtures students to grow.

More such blogs to be coming up soon, until then, make sure to share this blog and spread awareness about IB and IB Programme, and experience the Joy of Learning at Johnson Grammar IBDP.