"Art makes better humans, art is necessary in understanding the world and art makes people happy. Undeniably, art is not optional." - Nathan Sawaya

Art is fundamentally associated with one's sense of self. It is an ingenious component of our society that facilitates the comprehension of our inner feelings, develops self-awareness and encourages us to be open to novel ideas and perspectives. As a result, art strives to stimulate our thoughts and emotions and teach us what is potential in our society.

Music improves focus and spatial awareness significantly. Dancing is just something that almost everyone feels motivated to do when they listen to captivating music. Visual art may be soothing to the mind, body and soul, boosting contentment. In this way, art has impacted human life in more than one way possible.

What impact does art have on our lives?

Now that we have briefly understood the impact it has on human life, let us delve deeper into it. Here are a few benefits of art.

1. A medium to connect with the inner self : Art has the power to change our life. When we engage with art, we are essentially communicating with our inner selves. Art allows us to go within and heed ourselves, allowing us to discover our identities - our true selves and what we value. It binds us to our ideas, emotions, and beliefs, as well as our outward reality and experiences.
2. Fosters ingenuity and innovation : Art provides us value and assists us to comprehend our surroundings. Appreciating art enhances our lifestyles and renders us happy, according to scientific research. We strengthen our problem-solving abilities and expose our brains to novel innovations. It is known to stimulate dopamine levels, which contribute to directing the brain's happiness and pleasure regions.
3. Makes us feel gratified with our life : We feel delighted when we can look at life with gratitude and fulfilment. When we allow ourselves to engage with art, we can sit back and ponder on what is happening in our society, introspect & reflect on our lives.

Overall, art is an essential part of the human experience. Even if it doesn’t play a big role in someone’s personal life, art shapes the world around us and almost everything we experience when we interact with others. Art impacts us all, whether it makes you sad, happy, or anywhere. Thus, as Nathan Sawaya claims, art transforms people into better, happier versions of themselves.